Long Time No Music By Mr. Shake

Happy new year, fellow renoisers. I am proud to announce the birth of my son. (2010-12-28)

He was 52cm and weights around 3930 gramms. Starting to teach him Renoise soon. :)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, he is cute actually!! i say actually as many babies are not!!

Congratulations!! I am sure he will be a hex-wizard in no time!!! :walkman: :) :P

Congratulations. Welcome to the dads.

congratsz! \o/

Congratulations, I should visit you soon. PM to me with some dates please :)

congratulations! now make him a present: his shine new Renoise license ;)


Congrats man!

You should start teaching him to count to F.

(what’s his name?)

hah nice one. :D


Thankies :)

Whenever you wish, door’s open :)

I think I have to renew my own license first. Still stuck on the (great) 2.5.1-Version :)

The name’s “Felix”.