Lookin For A Break

It’s used in wicked by ice cube…
Name that break.

Useless trivia: It’s also used in Schooly D - Mr. Big Dick.

upload that “break”…

give me a “break”

Okay guys I’ll give you a break, but just a short one.

Here’s an mp3 of it.

ice cube - break from wicked

So, what is it?

maybe funky penguin?

Haha, it reminded me immediately of “Jump” from Kris Kross and “Boom Shake The Room” from Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince but I suppose it’s not the same one…but…You guys seem to be looking for the very original loop like something from the 70’s, right?

Yeah, I’m looking for the original as source material.

trackit: close but not quite it.
In the Ice Cube example the beat is pretty close to it’s raw form.
It’s just a baaaad ass break.

It’s from the 70’s for sure and it’s probably someone like sly and the family stone, grand funk or three dog night.
Something along those lines.

Google search: samples wicked ice cube

And I ended up here:

Second Hand Songs - Song: Wicked - Ice Cube

Seems you were on the right track!

I’ve listened to the break and I’m pretty sure it’s the right one and I’m also positive that Røyksopp used it in Epple.


Funkie! :panic:

Nel Carter? (g)