Looking For A Graphics Designer

Hey all,

Since a year or so I am wondering what to do with my music. It’s standing still, going nowhere. People have been suggesting for a while I should send it to labels. Well, easier said then done hehe. About 6 months ago I tried sending demo emails to numerous labels. I sent a SHITLOAD but as of today I got no replies yet. I know I should’ve send CD’s but I read somewhere emailing A&R people sometimes works aswell.

Sooo… I decided to make a “big step”. I’m about to rework some of the songs I want on my demo and burn a shitload of CD’s. To look a bit more serious I’m in need of a nice CD cover. My Photoshop skills are lacking, so obviously I can not do this on my own. I am wondering if anyone is willing to do this favor for me. I don’t ask for much. A plain, tight and simple cover will do :)

Unfortunately I am not able to pay you (yet). When I get big and famous cough you surely will get your reward though!

I hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance ^_^


I’d actually be really up for this.
I can’t claim to be an expert, but you can check my website if you like.

What’s the title of the album?

I might be interested in helping you out. Check out my work at www.pinwizkid.deviantart.com and give me some more details on your music (as well as some mp3!) I have a bright flashy style, but could certainly tone it down to suit your music style. Good luck!


Or----> check out my page.
im not taking money for doing the cover/backcover for you.
and PLEASE come with requests of motif.

sending cd’s is the same as sending emails.
Labels like to find you in stead of being found by the artist.

You should make a cd though! It’s cool to have something finished!
but don’t expect more replies then you had with email.

I’m with charlylinch, that’s now how getting on a label happens.

My advice is to go to parties, meet people, and hand out demo CDs after talking to them. Be sincere.

Optionally, play the party yourself and if people actually respond to what you are doing, you’re on the right tracks. If it’s your mates and girlfriend and mom saying good job… You’ve got a long way to go.

Bonus points if you go to the same shows put on by the labels you are interested in the city they are based.

No one said that.

Selling music is a business. I have a label. I will never sign you. Want to know why? Because my label is hundreds of CDs in my closet and thousands of dollars in the toilet. It’s a hobby. I’m a bad business man. If I’m taking a risk, the risk will be on a friend who knows releasing with me is a joke and that they’d have more success releasing MP3’s on the net for free. Yet, I get dozens of requests a month to get on the label. Up front, my label is me and my friends. Up front, I have only lost money. Up front, most of the people asking to be on my label have never bought a record or CD from me.

This is 2008. The music business has radically changed. Keyword: Business. Did I mention business? A little secret, a label is a business.

With that out of the way, no label is listening to demos being sent to them. Who has the time? Why is this in the labels budget? Reviewing stuff in the inbox? I doubt it. The reason they accept demos is for PR purposes. Unlike my shitty label, a real label doesn’t shatter the dreams of their fans up front. Unless there’s some sort of credibility or vested interest, your demo will go unnoticed.

You establish credibility and vested interest by participating in the scene. Not sending unsolicited spam. Maybe a label likes your music. But you are going about it the wrong way. You need to step up your game. Labels are A] mostly regional or B] want a sure thing.

Some random kid out of the bedroom with no live shows? No press? No underground credibility? What kind of music are you possibly making that stands out from the millions of tracks on MySpace and can make money?

Further reading: http://www.negativland.com/albini.html

With that out of the way, don’t give up! You have to hustle if you are serious. Optionally, be in it for the love of music is the better choice here.

Get it out there for free!! Have fun, develop the artform. You’ve got a great audience right here to be enjoyed if put the effort in. You couldn’t even dream of that 20 years ago.

Why would your music stop “going nowhere” simply because you got signed to a record label?

If you’re going to make those demos, I would like one please.
I’m not a label, booking agency or influential artist, but I really
like good music. It’s always a good idea to have a a demo ready
when needed, with graphics and in a shiny box. But yeah, sending
it to labels (by god, how much money I wasted on postal services)
never got me anything, except false promises and disappointments.
But then again, “niet geschoten is altijd mis”.

yeah, hoping and betting on getting rich (or at least makeing a living) with your music can be frustrating.

Just make music as a hobby, release tracks for free, enjoy making music and see what happens, if you will get noticed then great, if not then well… at least you enjoy your hobby. This is how i see it anyway :)

PS! I like your tracks btw! ;)

Perhaps, in 2008, a label shouldn’t be a business. Conner, remind me to talk to you about this further ;)

That being said, I can always manipulate the hell out of photos for you VP… tone mapping is the new glitch.

My photostream is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/byte-smasher

Perhaps it shouldn’t. But if it’s YOUR €2000,- that’s involved in the risk…

I’m thinking a bit more progressively than that BotB ;)

You caught my attention now. Please involve me in whatever it is you’re going to discuss with Connor :D

renoise:the label

i could do something if your interested. I’m no illustrator, but i can do design. I tend to gravitate toward 2d minimal styles:

these are wallpapers i did, they’re actually like 1600x1000 - i could do a CD cover in a similar style. I’m really passionate about typography as well. hit me up if your interested - and good luck!

Involve me too!
Who’s gonna start the new topic? :D

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