Looking For A Mysterious Album

Hi there.

Quite some time ago, I’ve heard of a concept album made by a famous artist under another name. Problem is, I only know the concept of the album.

From what I’ve heard the album is made of 99 very short tracks on a CD. When listening to it, you are supposed to play it in random mode so you always get a different “sound mosaic”.

Does this ring a bell to anyone ?

it does not ring a bell to me, but to Google it does:
here it is

(great idea, by the way)

They Might Be Giants had the same idea, ten years earlier.

great ! I’ll have to listen to this.

And yeah, I really like the idea. actually, it could be a nice renoise contest : one pattern with a specific tempo/length is given, with an intro/outro for smooth transitions, and fellow renoisers have to fill in the blank in the middle.

gescom also released a mnindisc that was meant to be played at random…

This is the one that came to mind when reading this thread: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Music_for_Short_People

this also came to my mind, because a friend of mine was so enthusiast about this album and forced me to hear it all. unfortuantely, he loved punk music, while I hate(d) it :)

Who could hate punk music? :o

most of progheads do, because we need sextuplets in order to have orgasms :)