Looking for a workstation plugin

(I posted this on KVR, but I thought I would cross post here, since some of you guys might know the kind of thing I’m interested in.)

I am a keyboardist with experience producing mostly electronic music, and I want to make a purchase to expand my instrument library. I’m looking for decent quality, playable, acoustic instruments, which I haven’t been able to get from freeware. Big emphasis on playability here, because I’ve messed around with a various commercial plugins but couldn’t find anything that meets my needs while being well tuned for keyboard playing. This is my checklist, in order of descending importance:

  1. Dynamics - Instruments designed to feel natural for keyboard playing
  2. Variety - Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, some assortment of Ensemble & Solo Instruments
  3. Quality - Should at least sound as good as cheesy 90s romplers
  4. Price - Ideally around or below the $1000 range

Right now I am using the GeneralUserGS soundfont by S Christian Collins, which sounds and feels surprisingly good despite how lo-fi it is. I prefer the well crafted sample library approach rather than having 100 gigabytes of round-robin multisampled kontakt libraries. My only complaints are that the instruments can sound a bit dull and static (by nature of it being a 30MB soundfont I suppose.) Other than that I would say it’s a good reference point for what I need; a clean sounding GM library, like what you would find on a Yamaha or Roland workstation.

I’m looking for sounds that will be good for jazz and orchestral music. I’ve included some examples and a piece I wrote with GeneralUserGS that I’d like to improve with more lively drums and fuller sounding instruments. Is there a software solution, or am I better off buying a workstation keyboard? Thanks for your input!



For General Midi
From Steinberg there was the Hypersonic VST, Sounds good
Unfortunately there are no more
Roland has the Virtual Sound Canvas, the Ios app is ok for the price, the Pc version is too expensive (only old sounds)

Probably Hallion is most likely to be recommended as VST (as far as I know, the Hyposonic is included as a Libary)
But a Sampler is not a Rompler
Otherwise I can recommend the Bass midi VST as a Soundfont Player and the search term Soundfont at Bittorrent


No, a real software alternative to Hardware such as Roland Integra, unfortunately, I do not know :mellow:


I played around with Sound Canvas and liked it a lot, but it’s not really worth it considering it’s not much better than General User GS. I decided to get SampleTank 3, and I’m pretty happy with it. Selection looks better than Hallion and it’s on sale right now. Made a track here:


Omnisphere, Trillion, and Keyscape maybe.

I recently demoed the roland cloud stuff , keyboard srx , it sound exactly hte same as my integra ( when srx 7 is loaded .)

GReat stuff , good for keys etc…


For drums look elsewhere .

If you’re willing to spend 1000 euro’s , I recommend a used Roland integra , which also has amazing drumkits ( supernatural stuff)