Looking For Daw Sidekick To Renoise

I’m looking to buy a second DAW to work along side Renoise via Rewire. So far Cubase and Reason look most promising. I love Logic but I’m not so down with Crapntoss. The reason I want to run something alongside is for the option to see my full song in 1 screen. In that case Reason is sorta out of the question even though its 303 emu is bomb. It’s nice for being able to see the overall form of a song. Also I get frustrated working in the Renoise automation view. It’s just too small for me that’s what she said. And it tends to jump around a bunch when zoomed in and trying to listen while working she didn’t say that. I know there are a few workarounds in Renoise to avoid this. But I would like to find a Robin to my Batman. Preferrably a Robin that allows me to automate pitch which is something else Renoise can’t do. Any suggesties?

May I suggest Reaper? www.reaper.fm

Cheap, powerful, does everything Renoise can’t (for the most part).


Ableton Live.

May i suggest MuLab? :D


I use Reaper for editing and multi track recording. Works fine. Very competent and affordable DAW.

reaper or live get my vote.

I’d second the Reaper recommendation, I’ve used pretty much everything to record guitar, vocals, bass, drums, etc and sequence VSTis and they’re all the same really (regardless of the OS / platform) in a different wrapper. Reaper is easily as good as Logic / Cubase / Live IMHO, without the bloat and obligatory 50GB sample library of cheese.

Most of the effects and instruments that come with those other DAWs are mediocre compared to third party equivalents and or hardware/outboard so save yourself a few quid and spend the difference on some decent gear / plug-ins.

Im not a reason fan, I own recycle, I never use it, some of the prop heads mobile stuff I bought, has been ultra dissappointing…

Mutools is a def possibility; although I haven’t used it since its early days…

Ableton Is great; especially if you can afford the suite… However, I own a live 7 license. Im skipping live v8, and I won’t be upgrading to v9 without: gapless audio, 64bit, audio editing and recording on par with cubase/pro tools

All I know about sonar, is I own some cakewalk products, sonar is very cheap fer me, and I’m seriously considering buying it

And finally Reaper… I’ve got a personal license to that. So should everybody. The program is mindblowing… What’s in reaper, is so high quality, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. If repear had the ease of use, workflow, and great experience of live or Renoise, I wouldn’t even be considering a sonar license for myself…

So… Cubase 6.5 fucking awesome, worth a look. Reaper = you need to demo. Sonar? Worth a look if u r using pc… Very cheap right now. 26 % off… More if u own a cakewalk product like rapture… Bigger discount !

Ableton Live works very well for me

Reaper has by far the most reasonable price and is real powerful, and a very good try before you buy with no restrictions deal. Gotta love that. Studio one recently released a free edition, it is very fast and simple with less bloat than others (except reaper) - but the free edition is no rewire, no external plugs so a little restricted…

What are people’s experience with energyxt? It seems like the most ideal. I like the fact that you can load it as a vst, and that it is cross platform.

I’d go with Reaper, Cubase, or Ableton Live. Reason sounds great, but has too many limitations, and won’t do much you can’t already do in Renoise with 3rd party plugins (plus I’ve always hated the Reason inferface, or any software that tries to look like analog hardware) I actually prefer Ableton live to sketch out ideas because of it’s insanely fast non-linear workflow. I think Cubase has been around the longest, and probably has the most features overall. I have used all these programs and a few others, but Renoise still has by far the best automation capabilities in my opinion.