Looking For Multi Track Java/flash Audio Player

The topic titles says it all :) I thought the audio expert of the Renoise Community may assist me in looking for a multi track java/flash audio player or anyway some mean to stream N mp3/Ogg/etc. files from a webpage, perhaps something that can be controlled via JavaScript.

What I am trying to accomplish is to have multiple “tracks” and be able to play them concurrently with some start time info too. For example:

BASS.MP3 : Starts at 00:00:00
GUITAR.MP3 : Starts at 00:05:45
VOICE.MP3 : Starts at 01:10:24

What would you suggest?
Thanks in advance

I’ve actually programmed a multitrack engine in flash before. It was for a demo I did for my flash class in college, where individual tracks were tied to spheres that rotated in 3d.

However, it’s not entirely what you need. I’m willing to bring it up to spec on commission… how much is it worth to yah? :P


What might be worth some money (it’s a partially commercial project), would be something tailored for my needs, even if really, really, extremely simple. Feel free to pm me about this option.

(Thanks for the link Johann!)