Looking for the origin of the "break!" Sample

Hey guys. I am looking for a specific sample, or more-so it’s origin. What I am looking for is not a sample of a drum break, it is a layered sample of a few people simultaneously yelling the word “BREAK!” It has a pretty common use in hip-hop and breakbeat music, so it seems to be a sample that people have access to. However when I search for it, the googles only seem to come up with breakbeat references such as the Amen. If anybody knows what record this originally comes from, please let me know. It is crucial. The history of the future of the musical past of the world depends on it.

P.s. I know you are probably going to ask for a reference, so I have already prepared one for you, timecode and all.

The sample I am looking for can be found at 0:08 of this video. So clearly I have already found the sample. What I really want to know is where does it come from? What is its origin?

Back when I used to DJ on vinyl, I had a record with that sample on it:


But that doesn’t really help you with the origin, since that record was already a compilation.

No idea man.

Also the sample showed up at timecode :12 when I listened to it.

Good luck!


The B-Boys - Two, Three, Break

The sample in question is lifted from around 1m22s

Haha I knew dblue would know it

Wow that red jacket is awfully similar to some Michael Jackson jackets

Thanks dBlue. You just may have saved the world.

I definitely had this sample on a set of battle breaks scratch records a few years back.

I think it’s important to trace samples back to their roots. I like to know who did it first in order to pay homage to the originators commonly used samples or references in music.

In the jazz era, it was common and accepted for many different musicians to (what we would call now today) “cover” a jazz standard. When back the 1920’s America, it was possible to play an entire set of standards without somebody yelling “Hey you’re ripping off that one song!” So where did things go wrong?

Let me know your thoughts, your theories, or even a few more inquiries of where did X sample come from. Renoise being a sample based tracker, I would really like to hear what samples are playing in your minds.