Looking For Tracker Related Resources

I am not sure if it is already available somewhere on the site or on the wiki pages, I was unable to find something satisfactory.

I feel that I have to do a lot of googling in order to find stuff that is necessary to make decent music with Renoise.

Specifically, I sepnt many days searching for VTS instruments and effects, and sample packs etc.

I found the Links page on the site (http://www.renoise.com/community/links/) but it looks that it could use some updating. So I thought, maybe a good place for a Resources page should be the Wiki area, where users can contribute and edit it, without putting more work on the Renoise site admins.

Any takers?

Also, when browsing the Links page, I noticed that ModArchive.org is still up! This was news to me, I think some of my 10-or-so year old songs are still there under some weird alias… anywho, the thing that is bothering me, is that it seems like Renoise is not (yet?) accepted as a tracker.

As far as I can tell, there is no real competition to Renoise, but I am getting the feeling it is not yet widely accepted. Is this only me?

I once set out to do such a page but it never got really far :P

nyah… thats a mess. Cant find anything useful in these pages.
I need samples - where do I find them? I need VST’s, besides this KVR page, where else?
See MadTracker’s VST by categories page - thats what im talking about.

He got some points right, although another word for classic is… old.
Renoise without VST would not be nearly as excellent as it is today. Tracking without VST is nice, but it had its run and it belongs in the 80s.

I can understand why xrns should be proprietary though.

We should open our own modarchive - xrnsarchive.com/net/org are available for $9.95 each…
(or we could go to myspace or whatever lousy “community” site rises next… :)

just some notices.

false. XRNS if XML based and as closed as XML is, that is: open.

this is a problem of 3rd parties :)

false/old: renoise demo entirely allows what Modarchive needs in order to “screen modules”. also, Renoise has been released for Linux too.

apart from this, I understand and respect his decisions.