Looking To Buy 2Nd Hand Gear

Hey fellas,

if anyone owns one of the following and want’s to sell, lemme know:

  • Daver Smith Instruments Prophet 08 PE (either keyboard or desktop version)
  • Korg Mirostation
  • Korg Electribe EMX-1


I got the EMX. Not willing to sell it, but better get yourself ESX if you’re interested by opinion of long time esx and emx user. Emx’s synths are piece of shit and unless you got a good analog effector (got moog’s MF-107) they sound like crap. Thin, synthetic, etc. However when you load samples onto the esx, filter it with BPF+ and some effects, tube, they really sound great. I’ve got one esx for sale, but it has got a broken display, so some infos do display and some don’t(I’m used to it and you can easily work with it). Pm me if you down for it.

When I was considering this option something over a year ago this is the sentiment I heard again and again and again by users of the ESX and EMX. Didn’t want to post it myself as haven’t spent more than a few minutes with either but the above definitely was the general consensus when I was doing my research…

Well, ESX trust me

thanks for steering me into the ESX direction. after i posted here i made some research on the web which seems to correspond to what you’ve posted. ESX seems to be way more fun and for VA synthesis i already got a microkorg or plan to get some further synth stuff as well - so a pure groovebox seems to make more sense anyway.

besides that i read that the tubes on both, ESX and EMX, seem to be of pretty poor quality and people report great improvments after replacing the electro harmonix originals with jj electronics tubes.

can you confirm that? are the stock tubes really that bad? (poor resolution in the treble + high whitenoise level?)

Tubes aren’t really bad, they just don’t give the sound you’d expected. They’re ok, but it’s true that any other than the factory ones are better, at least they give sound some character instead of just making it louder and a little distorted. As for the treble, they just mess the band if they are cranked too high. High whitenoise level? Nope. Look, I’m not trying to convice you to buy MY esx, I say that esx is just better than emx. Don’t make the same mistake that I did. If you get yourself esx and you’ll REALLY like the sound and workflow, you should consider buying emx, in other case just stay with esx. My controversial opinion of emx: it’s for those that don’t have much common with samples and still want to work with a groovebox.

I read a lot of horror stories about the knobs jitter problem , sending random values , is this true ?

Yeah, it happens. On both esx and emx when you move a knob it sends it’s current position value. So for example if you have hpf filter on synth1 turned to about 100 hz, and you switch to synth2 that has got lpf filter and touch the knob it sends 100 hz lpf to synth2, thus silencing almost completely your sound. That’s really stupid. Also, sometimes last touched knob sends random values if you touch the ribbon controller, and you have to check all the knobs unless you remember which one was it, to set it up again. Got myself doepfer’s “dark energy” analog synth not long and it sounds waaaay better than emx. So once again: esx > emx