Looking to get some decent monitor speakers


I am looking to buysome two-way near-field monitors. The trouble is - I don’t really know where to start.

A friend of mine recommended the M-Audio BX8’s. They seem ok from what I’ve read, but what do you guys think? are there any other models you could recommend in a similar price range?

I don’t know if I could recommend anyone to buy any kind of “computer speaker”… seems to me like you just get less sound for your cash compared to connecting your computer with your stereo or using a similar solution.

mackie webpage could be a good start for your quest :)

uhm… don’t ask me what I tried to answer… X_x
from now on I’ll go to bed before I fall asleep.

Yes, I thought your post was a bit confusing… :)

There is no real “this is what you want” monitor for you, you have to go to your local dealer and make a test hear. and the best monitor is useless if your room is bad, your room can produce dips and boosts up to ±15dB. But anyway i recommend you KRK / Genelec monitors for real “professional” ones. But realy, its nothing you can do over the Internet, go to your local store, its realy realy the best way!


Also, how much are you looking to spend?

KRK / Genelec is great. Genelecs will run you $600 or so for
their bottom of the line monitors.

How much are you looking to spend?

Tannoy Reveals have great sound if you are looking for a budget

Honestly, but the only situation where i found the Tannoy Reveal to be enough was as surround speakers for a 5.1 mix. they dont have to good freq / impulse response. i would recommend you not to buy these.

If a room can create such a bad sound distorsion with pro monitor speakers… try and imagine how bad it is with normal pc speakers or average bottom line domestic hi-fi speakers… :o
I think that’s pretty obvious to try and find the best equipment possible :)
But I do understand your point of view… having read that post about your company, you probably focus most of your attention on the service you give… while I would most probably focus on the opposite, that’s having each renoise user knowing by himself all the basics of EQ and mastering…

I’m looking to spend around £300 ($450) - £500 ($750) … I’m from the UK, those are my rough estimates in dollars :)

The speakers would be used in a smallish bedroom setup.

Thanks for the info. I quite like the look of the KRK KRoK’s and the Genelec 1029A’s.

Does anybody know of a website with up-to-date reviews on monitor speakers? I can’t seem to find any good ones (which are also non-subscription!)

well said parsec, but i realy wasnt thinking about my company in the background when i wrote this post, i swear. its just the facts i was talking about and google tells you the same. i also think everyone should know the basics of eq´ing and everything else he is using, otherwise it wouldnt make sense to use it. anyway i dont think someone can reach the quality-level a mastering engineer could give you. but thats easy to find out, as we offer dont pay if you dont like ;) so if you get better results with your stuff, no problem for us ;)


A nice review.

Thanks Pysj! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. I’ve had my eyes on the Mackie HR824s for a while now, until I saw the rrp! :blink: But this article should open up some light on things I think. Thanks.

oops! that last guest post was me by the way :)

oops! that last guest post was me by the way :)

if you are REALLY serious about monitoring, these are the one and only to go for: http://www.audioreview.com/Main+Speaker/Eg…65_1594crx.aspx


The ones from Zero are pretty good, here’s some info :

I got Yamaha NS-10M nearfields, but I think they don’t make these anymore.

I know I made this post last year(!), but i thought i’d finally let you know what I actually bought in the end!

I decided to go for some Tanny Reveal Actives, and some Quik Lok stands, and after 5 months use, I’m very happy with the result! They’re perfect for my set-up, and so much nicer to use than my old crappy stereo speakers :)

I’m not sure that that’s going to help when buying your first pair, because you won’t know what to listen for.

For instance, you might go for the pair which sounds nicest, but they may well end up being the worst monitors there, because the ones that sounded crappy were actually being more truthful about the mix. So instead I’d suggest reading reviews, and making the decision that way…

And you shouldn’t even buy monitor speakers unless you’re actually familiar with music, or sound quality in particular. Otherwise you just have far too much money. :rolleyes: