Loomer Vst Plugins

So what do you guys think about the plugins at Loomer.co.uk?

I’m especially interested in your opinion of Aspect, the softsynth. I’ve tried it a little, and so far it seems like a very polished, stable and usable piece of software. Not to mention that updates roll out very frequently and that the license is valid for a lifetime, for any versions to come!

I don’t mind the price since it’s worth a lot to me to have a clean and professional synth that I can use on Linux as well as on those other two platforms. A huge plus is the fact that you can find some extremely sweet beginner tutorials on the blog, though it takes some digging to find.

So what are your thoughts? Does this synth and/or the other plugins compete with your average Windows softsynth?

you secretly work for them? :rolleyes:

yes, upload them to rapidshare, so we can see you don´t work for that company :dribble:

I don’t work for Loomer either (the guy from Loomer does come on these forums though, his username is ‘Loomer’) but I do use linux. I purchased Aspect as I wanted a decent softsynth and most of the freeware linux vst’s are not so stable.

I’ve found it to be excellent: powerful, slick and rock solid stability. I actually bought DiscoDSP Discovery at around the same time (the only other commercial linux softsynth I know of). After working through the Aspect tutorials on the loomer blog I found I have a much better grasp of Aspect now so it is always my first port of call when I want a particular sound. I would thoroughly recommend it.

I’ve actually ended up registering a couple of the other Loomer products too, I’m currently experimenting with their new pitch-shifting multi-delay effect ‘Shift’.

Support from them is excellent too, on the occasions I’ve contacted them replies have been prompt and helpful. I recently found a small bug in Resound and it was fixed in a few days. I couldn’t hope for more.

Thanks guys! You are right, the tutorials really do need a little bit of organization, but in the meantime if you want to see them without wading through the other posts, you can go directly to http://blog.loomer.co.uk/search/label/tutorial

Thanks, I didn’t know about DiscoDSP. Seems nice and polished too, it would be nice to know the differences between the two in terms of possibilities. But since I’m not a syth pro, I don’t care for the immediate future if I’m not using teh bestest app ever available for that kind of job.

So, anyway, I ended up buying Aspect, and I like it so far. I tried phasex and minicomputer before, but I sucked at them, there wasn’t any decent documentation that I could get into as the noob I am, plus developpement is too irregular for my taste.

I find support to be great too, so I think I’ll stick with Aspect for a while. It’s nice to finally have the feeling that the whole “native softsynth” discussion now seems redundant to me, maybe I’ll check out the other plugins too when I find the need for them.

The only thing is the pricing, but I suppose I’m kinda spoiled as a Renoise user in that regard.

Someone make me a Reece preset and I will buy Aspect.

Hehe, Linux is moving on up!

Care to explain what that is?