Loop At Pattern X

On previous Dos/Windows based trackers (specifically Modplug).
There was an option where you could enter a pattern # and the song would automatically loop infinitely at that pattern when it reached the end of the song.

Is there a feature that will let you do this in Renoise?
If there is not I would like to request this feature.

look at the little rectangles on the left of the numbers. by clicking them, they will loop indefinitely, in the picture, pattern 02 and 03 will loop.

notice that if the looped patterns are not the last patterns, the song will not reach the end before looping.

Changing the pattern break command to one where you can also define the sequencer position would resolve the problem of never reaching the end.
Or just adding a sequencer break command instead and combine it with the pattern break command.

thanks a lot, that’s exactly what i’m looking for.