Loop Point Automation With Scripting?

It seems like sample loop point automation, a much sought-after feature, ought to be possible now, but I don’t know. I’ve looked at the API some, and so I know that it can be done in some sense, but would it be possible to somehow use LUA scripts to get it working with pattern effect commands? I do suppose I could just scour the library until I find my answer, but I figure since there have already been so many awesome tools developed here that I ought to ask and make sure that I’m not wasting my time.

You can read pattern data alright, but the data is not provided to scripts on real-time basis.
So you can’t control scripts with pattern effect commands. If you are considering a 09xx alternative method, you will have to wait until either realtime access is added to the API or an internal solution is provided for specific sample positioning triggering points.

So there is no method/callback I can add to/override to automatically poll for data on the current line being processed? Meh!

Thanks though. Good to know I guess.

The fastest rate you can frequently poll something is using the system notifier (app_idle_observable -> this calls your assigned function about 10 times a second) but the moment you your script gets to trigger something in the sample editor, the next line is most likely already playing.