Loop-point Control

Not too sure if this one has been brought up because I’m too lazy to check every thread.

You know how you can specify loop points on samples? Wouldn’t be great if you could edit/automate position movement of those loop points during a song. Gee I could get some very insane sounds if I could do that.

I’ve no idea how hard it would be to put in. Anyone thought of this already?

Its VERY hard to suggest something on this board that has not been suggested before. :) Do a search on ‘loop points’ and you will see.

There is one problem with automation of loop points, you really need a very high resolution control, and I don’t think the current envelope editor will give you enough resolution, but I’m not shure…

Ahh I figured as much. I’ll pull my head in and let the regulars do the fine work :D

Yeah, sounds like a hard trick to pull off… ;)