Loop > Random

Sample Editor.
Loop dropdown-menu should look like this:

  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Pingpong
  • Random

So what exactly would a random loop do? Would it randomly switch between forward, backward and pingpong with each loop cycle? Or would it do something else?

sounds already good to me!

good question, forgot to anticipate it in my initial post.

it should randomly automate the distance between, (and thus position of), loop-start and loop-end.
build this as an example: LFO[random] > Hydra (input) > (output 2x) Filter[BS/Butterworth8n] Freq & Q
you should now see what i am looking for.

That’s a way too specific thing to just go under “loop -> random”. Other settings don’t modify loop points. Neither should this.

What you really want is an ability to control loop points with LFO device for example.

I really can’t see any use for such kind of looping; I hate randomizers in general, but the way you would use loop randomization is a mystery to me, can you make an example?

well yes, that would be awesome too. but i figured that would be a more far-fetched request then just the random-option.

well, i cannot make an example because the functionality is not there. but how i’d use it is to have, for example, a (longish) voice sample, and with each played not it loops a different section… so you could probably build something like that with 09xx commands and note placement, but, unlike yourself, i do like randomizers, so that would be the advantage: each sample snippet that would be played would be a surprise.


Imho it would be better to be able to map sampler features (like loop start, loop end etc.) to hydra and other meta. Then you could randomize what you want, where you want, when you want ;)


(btw there was a script that let you automate/move the loop markers in 2.6, but the resolution wasn’t that great, dunno if it still works in 2.7?)

WTF Doesn’t anyone want to program their own music anymore?! All they want to do is use plugins and dsps that make delays and choruses for them and use programs to randomly generate the music so they can recline in their chair and smoke a fat cigar while their intelligent dance music track is rendering with the vainest plans to upload it to soundcloud.
and a random option for loop playback is just going to far

don’t make so many assumptions. you are flying head-first into what you believe to be some variation on evil corporate lazy musicianship, but the idea that generative music is just about SongSmith and Autotune is just naïve. check out Richard Devine for someone who takes randomization very seriously and is by no means making generic music. there’s a big difference between ‘generative’ and ‘generic’.

@carmazine: yes, that would be better, loads better even, but i figured that was too big a request in comparison to the one i made.