Loop start/end point shift sample commands

One thing I have wished for for quite a while is a way of shifting the start and end points of a sample loop.

I imagine it working as either one or two command. If it is one command, the first column would specifies start or end and a shift left or right in the sample. (1 is start-right, 2 is start-left, 3 is end-right, 4 is end-left) point and the second column specifies how much you want to shift it. If it is 2 commands one command would be for loop start and one would be for loop end. From that point any value greater than 80 is a shift in one direction and any value under 80 is a shift in the opposite direction.

Another alternative is to be able to set the start and loop points as a percentage along the sample or something.

this has come up a lot over the years.

i would hope it is at least on the road map by now, this kind of manglery seems totally in keeping with the spirit of renoise.

Check out one of the last threads on the subject:https://forum.renoise.com/t/loop-point-automation/40450