Looping Patterns Problem


I have a little problem with Renoise I have a big project (live 45-minute). When I want to loop in a pattern matrix, the loop does not read well, while the CPU is 20% I have a MacBook and 4G of ram and I only use native plugin to Renoise. While on a little project I have not problem, the loop reads very well. So I’m trying to understand why he does not want to read the loop on big project.



if you want someone to help you on this, please consider posting the .xrns file so people can look at what’s going on. from just a textual description it is not so easy to understand what exactly is happening.


The links for xrns http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IGLIGFRU

I send you the password in private message

i’ll look into it but i’m not that great with this kinda stuff. if someone else wants to look at this as well, that would be great. i can give you the password but i’m not sure DJ Erc is okay with me blurting it out on the forums, as he PM’d it to me…

could you also tell me which pattern the problem is with, what you are expecting it to do and what you are hearing now? i need to be able to replicate the problem.


Yes you can give the password,some people not all

If you have noticed that when you loop engages the matrix. there is a little jump every time.

The problem is the playback loop, it is not good there is a jump every time he returns to the initial point, and as I use this project on stage I can not do use this method during my live.

i’ve checked it out but i can’t seem to find anything wrong with it. settings all seem to be normal.

solo’d the kick-track, looped the final two patterns, and you can hear the problem still. it seems to skip or something.
then i deactivated all DSP effects, and it did not make a difference. tried rendering the selection to a new sample to see if there was anything strange going on, but it played normal. tried putting the rendered sample in the kick-track to see if there was a problem with that, but it looped perfectly. nothing strange in instrument settings or anything.

then i tried removing tracks to see if this has something to do with CPU load. it seems with each track i remove, the loop gets better, only skipping sometimes instead of (nearly) every time.

somebody else should take a look at this one as well, preferably somebody with a bit more knowledge about Renoise than i have. imo it is a CPU load issue.