Looping Problem

HI Guise,

I have a question:

I made some sub bass patches by exporting some lovely sine waves from other synths to use in renoise. I have them looped so that I can sustain as long as I need, but there’s a problem:

They Click.

I’ve opened the fine loop editor in the sample editor to get the waveforms perfect, and everything is set to zero crossing, but they still click. I’ve got the cycle completing a correct and full cycle, loop points are exactly in zero crossings too. Ideally, I’d zoom WAY in on the zero crossings to fine tune it, but renoise won’t let me.

What to do?

Ideally, I’d use renoise for my pure sines since it’s so much more CPU efficient to do so. How do you guys get smooth looping in instruments?

Renoise can absolutely handle this, no problem. Here’s one I made to demonstrate: http://illformed.org/temp/sine.xrni

Upload one of your instruments so someone here can take a quick look at it. It’s probably just something set incorrectly that you have overlooked.

Solution 1

Setting looppoints at zero crossing does not always work. If they are pure sines try to set looppiont where the amplitude is highest and use ping-pong loop option, then change the position of looppoint by smal factures until there will be no clicks (trick is to make waveform symetrical in the place of looppoint, hard to explain but i can`t make screenshot right now). It is hard to do with the stereo sound with nudged phase and its also change the pitch witch is not always welcome.

Solution 2

Sample sound of your synths with build-1n plugin grabber using crossfade option

Solution 3

Use commercial program - http://www.extranslator.com/ witch have awsome autoloop option and it can operate on renoise instruments .rni or convert from other sample format


ARe you sure the looppoints are on the zero crosings ?
Post your xrns so we can have a look

Will do in a bit. Thanks, all :)

Here’s my looped 808 and looped Sine for your review. They’re both much longer than 1 cycle, but you get the idea…


Thanks in advance for your input!


I still could use some help with this…

Both sounds loop perfectly here, and I do not hear any clicking at all during the looped parts.

I do see that the start of both samples is not perfectly clean, though… is this where you’re hearing a click, at the beginning of the notes?

Cleaning up the samples a bit can fix this:


Thanks for the help! You’re quite the generous fellow :)

I’m at work, will have to check back later to review and reply