Looping Sample Selection For Perfect Loops...

Hi from here! :panic:

It would be so great to have the possibility to loop the sample selection in the Sample Editor.

When you are searching for a perfect sample loop, you can not loop the selection directly to listen to…

The “Play Selected Area” button should work also with, when the markers are ON the selection.

This simple feature would improve a lot the Sample Editor…!!!

Hope you understand me…or maybe I’m missing something…




1- do a selection
2-right clic set loop start
3-right clic set loop end


thanxs, but … :guitar:

I want the selection played in loop continously when pushing the play selected area button or the ENTER key… when Markers are ON :panic:

When you are looking for a loop, it is great to have this automatic loop playing, even when you move the markers…

Like the loop play mode in Rezound, the great Linux sound editor…


Sample playback in the sample editor could improvement. Playing looped (full sample when nothing is selected, otherwise the selection), continue playing outside outside of the current view… are really sorely missing IMHO.