Looping Without Playing The Sample From The Start

not sure if this should go in noob part. haha. i have checked out all the manual and stuff and i cant work out how to trigger a loop that is in the middle of the waveform without playing the loop from the start.

if anyone has used NNXT in reason, on there you can easily do it with the “sample start/end” and “loop start/end” brackets.

Is there any way to trigger a sample directly out of the middle without playing the start and without trimming the whole sample away?

Use the 09xx command in the effect column where xx (00-FF) is a 256th split point in the sample depending on the size of the sample. The larger the sample is, the less precise the position will be.
0980 will start from the center of your sample, 09c0 approx. from 75% and 0940 from 25%.