I just saw that the V2.0 was released and I had a go with the demo. I was thrilled to see an tracker-like program with advanced features as… well, you probably all know what features Renoise has so no need for me to try to explain every thing that is better with this program than say… Protracker. Hehe

The demo is great and I am prolly gonna buy it as it would be an awesome upgrade to my humble “laboratory” (and I’ve already found tons of freeware VSTi’s to go with Renoise!) but there is one thing that really bothers me.

I can’t get it to “loop”, which I find really weird since all the trackers has this feature - even trackers on the C64 had/has this feature.

-“What is 10kB talking about?? Renoise can loop all it wants! It loops all samples, VSTi’s and it even loops while not being used! That is how awesome this program is!”

I don’t mean loops like in audioloops or anything like that but I’ll try to explain my best and hopefully someone understand what I mean and has a positive answer for me…

If I start a new song (or load one of the demo-songs - it doesn’t really matter). If I push the “down”-button (this button!), it scrolls all the way down but once it hits 64(DEC)/3F(HEX) it stops and doesn’t “loop” (ah ah!) back up to 00(DEC/HEX).

I find this really odd as all the trackers I’ve tried does this and if it’s quite irritating that it doesn’t do that but there’s gotta be a way to solve this… Right?

It stops if there is only one pattern, it continues into the next pattern if the sequence has another pattern arranged.
Renoise also does not has a exclusive pattern editor mode like most trackers have (play your song individually while editing another pattern than currently playing)

Currently the Renoise workflow is song-oriented. So for now it would be the “home” key for a while.
Arrangements will get some changes in the future, but currently it is not yet that clear how.
Also live usage will be taken into consideration with this design.

Alright - hopefully I’ll get used to that then. That is probably the most thing that I miss the most then from trying the demo.

I’ll try the demo out some more before I’ll buy it!

If you press Shift-Scroll you can let Renoise either return to the top of the current pattern or try to proceed to the next pattern, so you can definitely go from line 64 to line 0 in the same pattern. If there’s no more patterns and wrap is set to off then the cursor will stop.