I’m sorry, but I’m still puzzled at how to make Renoise loop over two patterns. See attached. I would like to have Renoise paly 0 and 1 again and again. Eventually, 0 to 3 again and again, and so on. At least to play 0 and 1 and then restart at the beginning with 0. In the screenshot I’ve toggled the vertical markers although with or w/o if I click on patter 0, it will play 0 then 1, then stall on repeating 1. - thanks !

Update: after closing Renoise and the computer, I restarted everything, loaded the project, pressed the play button, and now it loops all right. I certainly don’t get it why it wasn’t a few hours ago.

Found out why: because it was in jackd sync mode. Once disabled, everything loops fine. I once ask for this and was told that it woyld not make sense to have looping if Renoise is in jack sync mode. I think it made sense at that time, although today I still wonder why. If I start a song from the beginning in Renoise, every other app thatÀs in jack sync will jump at the beginning. Looping would simply mean to go back to the beginning (or whichever position) and tell all other apps to jump at the same location. If the other apps do not have the same number of measures at the same locations, then it would be a user error. I still don’t see why all apps in jack sync mode would not happily play until the end of a Renoise loop then jump back at a location, play again, over and over.