Hey guys,

Many years ago, I wrote loopproject.com as a bit of a side/fun thing. It was really badly designed, shameful spaghetti PHP. (I’m also amazed it hasn’t been hacked). I lost interest in it at around 2009

I’ve been paying $80USD a year for the last 5 years to keep the thing going - but after receiving the invoice for the 6th year, I’m now officially regarding loopproject.com as a dead horse that no longer needs to be flogged. I’ve now got 2 young children, 2.5 bands, lots of work on. Right now, I don’t even have time to track!

I’ve transferred the entire contents of the site onto some cloud hosting so the resources haven’t been lost - I may put them up somewhere as a giant pack in the future. Although with Renoise 3.0 being so awesome, the existing XRNI are practically obsolete.

Looking at Analytics. Just for the record, In the last month, it’s had 719 Unique Visitors. (steadily decreasing)


How big’s the archive Mick?

Indeed. It is time to move on. Most of the things I submitted I’d be reticent to share these days.

The good old days…

Renoise is a difficult teenager.

thanks for the effort you put in that project, Mick, and I wish you good things with your bands and family(es? :))

Hey, I was among those unique visitors :slight_smile:

Would like to mirror It-Aliens statement!

I actually tried to upload some instruments to loopproject a few days ago, i uploaded, but didn’t find a way to publish it so i gave up. :P

Is there an instrument repository for Renoise?

I assume once the new content libraries will be available, there will be an official repository for this stuff.

Stopping by to say cheers, this was great when i first started!

Ah! Too bad this… I totally understand your decision Mick, taking in account life sit and all which I can relate to…
And thanks for the years you’ve provided this service…

For myself it’s a real bummer since almost all of my SD entries were on loopproject… using the filebank feature on the SD site…

Any chance to glean out my files from out of your pack?


Ok, the backup is a number of months old, but if you give me your username, I can see what I can do! Send an email to me@mickrippon.com

Ack. I wish I had seen this sooner. Andyray gave me a heads up. A number of SDCompo folks relied on this for hosting. We really appreciate the service you provided for years, but I understand if you’re not able to maintain it anymore.

Would it be OK if I inform the SDcompo community to contact you if they want a backup of their files? Warning: this may be a small flood of users.

Major thanks for all the work you put in this project without expecting anything back. I have sure found my share of crappy drumloops there.

I don’t think anybody wants to host that until we have sample aliases… :P


Anyone wanna revive this idea PLEASE??!!!

I dont have any webspace ATM, My shell is down but once I get up and running ill spare the space if someone will spare the PHP? Anyone interested? This is a tool all renoisers should have available!

.XNRI 4 LIFE! ;)


Can you put it on archive.org?

Or github?

I wanted to thank MickRip for putting the site together, I’ve used it and found several instruments that I’ve used in my pieces. Thanks!