Loops - Not Tightly In Sync

When I compare beats synced in Renoise to beats synced in Cubase or Acid, there is a distinct difference in the overall tightness of the sound. In Cubas and Acid, the beats sound really tight and together but in Renoise they often sound a little loose. Is this just because Renoise doesn’t support timetretching or is it becasue of something else?

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But thanks for the reply.

There are no silences at the beginning of my loops. They have been properly trimmed in SoundForge.

To see what I mean, get 3-4 drum loops.
Load them up in Renoise with ‘Beat Sync’ on and listen.
Then drop the same loops into Acid and you wil hear the difference.
Acid has a much tighter sound.

Maybe you can upload the .wav for one of the loops you’re having a problem with?

I thought your steps made perfect sense bantai. Maybe excluding needing to calculate the amount extra needed and just reiterating that you need add some rows to the end, then remember to make the sample the same length as it would of been without the extra rows after removing any silence from the beginning.

The beatsync of the samples are being adjusted to the tempo/speed rate of Renoise and not to the actual BPM.
Since the tempo/speed don’t always fall in correct sync with the actual bpm of the sample, there might be a chance that some samples seem to play inconsequent in Renoise when using beatsync.

There is a list of exact bpm matches (http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=3823&hl=exact+bpm)

If you would render your samples at these rates (in the applications that can render them in true bpm values):
60, 75, 80, 96, 100, 120, 125, 150, 160, 192, etc

You should have no problems using beatsync.
All the other rates may vary.
The song-properties show the “real bpm” for the tempo/speed rate in the play-console. You can also try to render the samples at those rates if those applications allow the use of more precision digits but that’s no guarantee it will work for sure.

Thanks guys.

But even if the BPM’s aren’t exact in Renoise doesn’t that mean that it would effect all of the loops I put into Renoise? So why are the loops not fitting as well as in Cubase and Acid?

Do Cubas and Acid read the loops for hit placement and stetch the loop so that the hits (Kick, snare etc) fall on beat?