Looza - Boombox

47k zipped, renoise 1.52

As last year my entry was way ahead of the other usual crap-chiptunes but I did only make 2nd. Anyway. Maybe you can learn something from this tracks, actually its was more hacking then composing. :)
Also, I am not even used to make music this way, most of the tonal stuff in my tracks comes either from sampled licks or VSTs, I seldom use samples as instruments (except for drums).

Cool stuff! My favorite aspect is the bassline. Very groovy and raw - almost acidy. The track fills in nicely with various effects and stuff in pattern 4 and 5 (my favorite part). Patterns 8 and 9 are a cool changeup in the bass groove. The groove of the drums is cool, but a little harsh sounding. A more warm and live sounding kit would have been cool … I’m assuming you were limited by a sample pack, so nothing could have really been done there.

It’s interesting how others work in renoise. It’s a shame you dont name your tracks and samples more diligently. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe I have never played with the filter envelopes! That bass groove is really cool!

EDIT - I would like to nominate this track to be one of the included demos. It demonstrates an aspect of renoise that isn’t really touched on in the current selection of included tracks.

I really have to say that I dont go on a straight line when doing that kind of songs, most of the stuff just happens by trying out instruments on different channels and such.
I wasnt limited by a samplepack, but I actually wanted those hard and harsh drums.

however, the envelopes are really like something I worked on, the pitchenvelope for the basedrum and the ring-sound for example and ofcourse the filter-envelopes for the basslines.

cool to see someone can “learn” something from this :)

OIZO!! Nice one mate ;)