looza fruit juice

I took this picture yesterday in a pub…

I can do everything to increase my post count…

:lol: :rolleyes: B)

hehe … yep, I am named after them.

I picked this name because at that time I was fed up with all those “big x” “master x” “real x” names both in scene and music-industry and so I thought why not choose a name where people can chew on because it sounds so lame … I picked looza and received alot of emails from people telling me how much my name sucked, I got thrown out of IRC channels just because of this nick, well to sum it up : its alot of fun to have this name. :D

(also I stole 6 looza glasses from a bar around the corner, which are my property now, so when I make music and drink coke … only out of my looza-glass. :P )

That’s my favourite juice! Banana Looza, to be precise.
I’m used to drink that every time I’m in Holland…
as you’re supposed to know, they can’t sell you alchoolics into Coffeeshops… and I like it this way.
:rolleyes: <_< :P