Lost My Login

umm…i bet you guys hate idiots who do stuff like this, but i’ve lost my login to get the newest version version that just went online.

at first i paid for renoise (1.28) using my wife’s credit card, and her name is Censored, so that became my username…and the original password was somethign ridiculous with a bunch of $#%# characters in it, so i changed it to something more memorable.

i wrote my user name and this new password down, but now it says this user doesn’t exist. i’m kinda sure i never changed my user name after i wrote that one down…but it’s not working now.

either the renoise server has gone and done something funny, or i got drunk and changed my user name somehow and didn’t write anythign down and can’t remember doing it. …but i don’t think you can change your user name can you? i think i tried…but i couldn’t do it.

how do i get back on?

I apologise if this sounds silly, or you’ve already tried it, but did you make sure to enter the name with proper capital letters and stuff?

ie. “YCensored NCensored” instead of “yCensored nCensored

I made that simple mistake yesterday. I seem to remember being able to enter my name in all lowercase sometime earlier (maybe I’m just imagining it), but now it only recognises the name with the capital letters in it.

please do not use forum for “I’ve lost my login info” support questions.

Mail us at supportantispam(a)antispamrenoise.com

yeah…sorry for being careless…

but anyway it used to work with the lowercase type, for sure…and now i just tried capitalising the first letters of each word, and it still didn’t work. so i don’t know what has happened. i thought maybe if i posted here someone esle would have had similar problems and would know what to do.

then again, maybe i just was drunk and stupid. probably. hits self very hard in the face

will send email now. thanks i-t

I also mailed with same problem… and already tried changing capitals…

won’t work…
does this has to do with the new backstage thing maybe?

Same problem here… mailed and hoping there a fast and easy solution to this… But i cant even open the Renoisebeta on my computer… my own computer. thats not funny anymore.

check out the login page again now…they have added a new message about getting your username back…some people, myself included, had their usernames changed for some reason or other. mine works fine now.

Perfect & thanks guys! :D