Lots of knowledge in one place!

It’s really something to see all this collective knowledge bringing out one brilliant idea after another, explaining techniques, solving problems for the ones asking for it… All for free, the good old “I’ve got knowledge, gotta share it now”-attitude. Both from the users and coders…

Even though we (well, me and a selected others) are paying for this software, it really feels like an open source project most the time. Which is nice! :)

Imagine if Microsoft was behind Renoise… We’d have to call a really expensive number for customer support, and MAYBE, just maybe get one or two of our ideas through the system… Ah well. It’s not like that, so I’m happy, and patiently waiting for the next release.


that’s why, when people complain about ReNoise not being free, I reply that it IS free: you won’t pay suggestion submitting, you won’t pay support, you won’t pay for next releases, you talk directly with developers and you have open community.

This is the only COMPLETE, WORKING, STILL DEVELOPED, USABLE tracker around, and it is not by chance that you have to pay for it, because all other free stuff died or will die for GOOD reasons.

thanx It…

regarding knowledge… we prepare also some kind of knowledge base special page in 2003 on renoise.com … regarding music in general, producing, using renoise… it was a bit of secret but you know us… secrets quickly get relealed and implemented :)

it will be something like forum but more in FAQ form.

we could use the board to mimic a faq section. just allow only a group of ppl to post into the board, and you are done.

I was thinking of a FAQ or something today too, you read my mind… :huh:

The board should work nicely for some kind of FAQ, just make categories etc… The search function should work with that too.

wishful thinking.

i’m a registered user, and most every idea i’ve submitted so far has been immediately dismissed.

Gwilym: Seriously, you have FIVE posts, and they only consisted of a few ideas, which didn’t really seem too dismissed to me. I know, I checked… :rolleyes:

Just give people some time to react, and if you have an idea or suggestion, post it in the appropriate category, and I’m sure people will listen and answer.

Btw, on the “add empty instrument” idea, I think it would be better to simply have a messagebox like in IT, more space and none of that annoying flickering we had to go through with FT2 (which MANY people found very amusing… Including me sometimes… giggle)

Okay, I’m tired give myself a bad eye <_<

I’ll stop before this will belong in the off topic forum!

hey Gwilym, we don’t discriminate ANYBODY and that counts you in!
we may be only busy finding time to answer each and every post on forum.

but you can always mail us!

Hey Gwilym,

About XM importer: We did not dismiss your suggestion: If you compared old XM importer and the one in 1.11 you will see that the one in 1.11
IS BETTER! In previous version there was no support at all for “fade out” and “sustain point” which there is in 1.11, as an example.

So as you can see we DID improve this importer. But, you cannot get everything at once. Also, it is hard to make 100% compatible XM importer because Renoise
uses different table for frequencies, as well as some other effect commands differences. Not all are supported, not all are even needed in Renoise.

For all these reasons we cannot make perfect XM importer. It would be far too limiting for Renoise to stick to old format and make perfect
player - this doesn’t mean we dismissed your suggestion and won’t make any further improvements to XM. But then, if you want it, help us - send us short
song that is played differently and we’ll see what we can do.

But if there is something we cannot do then you’ll get answer like “we cannot improve compatibility regarding this issue because it is done like that in XM
and completely opposite in RNS”. You will understand why it is very difficult to make perfect import. And then what happens? You somehow convert it manually
or something and then somebody else appears on forum and says “you said you’ll improve XM and you didn’t you ignore me i hate you”…

i hope you understand complete problem now (at least, understand more than before).

For all these reasons we need democracy approach to this: therefore WIP page will be first step in it: voting for new features - if only 1 user
says he needs better XM, and 100 says they need better Reverb then we make better Reverb first and better XM later. We are not machines either
so we need a system how to handle these things. I hope WIP page will be such system (coming very soon on user pages).


arpeggio is already in renoise!