Low Down Zero

Here is something a bit different from my usual tracks, it’s still me, but not so much chiptuneish.
I’m quite happy with this one, but as always it lacks some in the technical mixing department, so i would be happy for any tips to mix my tracks better. :)

hey The Bellows ! There are excellent ideas in this one ! As a listener the volume isn’t a problem if I raise it directly on my speakers front panel. The track itself is achieved and do not really need something else… maybe… well that’s not necessary but I’d add some synthetized “crash cymbs” you see, a bit of “air” somethimes at key moments on the track. If you don’t want to add this cymb or white noise, there is also the “lofi part” solution, with the lofimat device, that naturally makes it. Otherwise, when I want to add some presence on some instruments, I multilayer them (multiple copies of the same sample, stacked, cross reversed, slightly detuned, and equally panned from left to right, creating a kind of “unison” effect, see some examples there). If you want to add more presence on the “bass zone” without rebuilding the whole track or adding another sub bass, I know a solution, use a multiband device before the master track, select the lower band, and a compressor in the low band send track, where you bump up a bit the makeup… but all this looks useless since just raising a bit the volume directly on my speakers works out everything.

Thank you KURTZ, i’m always inpressed by your sound so i definately have something to learn from you. :)
I agree with the crash comment, i actually did look for some nice cymbal samples, but i couldn’t find any suitable sounds and it just cooked away. (is that a real expression? “Cooked away”?)
I also stumbled upon your article about mixing in Renoise in your blog the other day, looks like i’m getting a lot of tips there as well. :yeah:

The main reason why the volume seems lower this time than usual is because i didn’t put a lot of volume decreasing dsp effects on the master.
I know it’s not the proper way to do it, but i usually end up doing it anyway to compensate for my lack of mixing skills.