Low Notes?

Ok so i actually have two questions -

Firstly i have downloaded some old mod and xm files and have been looking through them and lerning new things and they have been a huge help. One thing i have noticed though is that they have a breakbeat (i mostly got dnb/jungle examples) and the sample speed is really fast and then in the pattern they play it at a really low note, i was just wondering why this is done so often is there an advantage with doing this? and this got me to wondering my main question because im using a normal pc keyboard to enter my notes into my patterns i only seem to be able to play at normal speed and higher and not lower so is there anyway i can enter lower notes using a pc keyboard? like hold a certain key to inverse the notes so rather than getting higher they get lower?

My second question is related to the first one and is about saving samples at set speed, in the sample editor i can change the note of the fast breakbeat to a lower one and then preview it and it will sound ok but then when i go to save the sample it still seems to be at the fast speed it was originally at, so is there anyway to change the pitch within the program and then save it out of renoise to a normal wav file? I requested a pitch up and down command for the sample editor but it was suggested that i just change note but this doesnt seem to work.

Im learning the more i use trackers, i have worked out gangster whine leads, dnb sub basslines and IDM snare rolls from this great forum so i also want to say thanks, it’s really usefull :yeah:

You’re probably missing the octave setting, if you want to enter lower notes, lower the octave number. The reason, why they play on lower notes might be, that they were mapped to as drumkit. When the samples start at a lower key, there is more room to expand the kit.

Look at the middle right on this screenshot:

Oh cool, that makes sense, i havent used that control yet thanks for the tip :)

Any idea about my second question? Is it possible in renoise or would i have to do that within another app? If it’s not possible it would be a good feature to add i think. Not really important of course as i know theres audio editors that can do that but it would be nice to be able to do it in renoise, i can see renoise being my all in one sampling and sequencer at some point in the future.

Well you can just put the sample in a pattern, playing at the low note you want it and render it to a new sample or render the pattern.

Yeah i guess, but i still think it would be cool to be able to do it within the program :)

“Render to sample” is a feature in Renoise which means you select the the track and row you let your sample play in a different pitch then you activate render-to-sample and the sample will be rerendered on that pitch in a new instrument/sampleslot. Though this feature is only available in the registered edition.
So if this is all you desire along what it already has then i would recommend you dashing up the 50 quit and be completely happy that you just made the wisest decision ever yet.

Im already a registered user :) thanks for the tip i will try this, i found a free audio editor called Audacity which works great along side renoise. Im very happy i got renoise, the latest beta versions amazing.

Yeah, the editor possibilities are still a bit low compared to fully featured wave editors but then again, Renoise is a composing tool, not a wave editor tool.