Low Resolution Linux Version


Now, as the amount of available Linux devices is rapidly rising due to different mobile devices such as smartphones, I think it would be nice to get rid of the 1024x768 minimum resolution.

The reason why I’m rising this issue up is basically that I think that the new Nokia N900 would be a rather excellent mobile device to run Renoise on! It would be pretty cool to make music on the run with your mobile phone running Renoise.

The N900 runs on the resolution of 800x480.

There might be other possible bottlenecks as well but as I’m technically not so good, I wasn’t able to install Renoise on my device yet so I cannot say anything specific about the actual performance.

What do you think?

A while ago, Renoise began to support net-books with a native resolution of 1024x576.

While it should be possible to design Renoise in a way that would allow it to have an even lower resolution than that, this is current minimum resolution AFAIK.

Note that in order to see this special net-book resolution, you’d have to change your display resolution first, and then launch Renoise.

There is more to it than just resolution. Also without searching for the exact specs of the N900: what CPU will it run on? and how much Mhz?
If it ain’t an x86 based CPU, you can simply just forget it. If it does not give you a real 1000Mhz or higher (No Atom based CPU’s, they perform 50% of their given frequency rates) then you also simply can forget it.

If you want to track on a mobile device, then Milkytracker is your best friend honestly, it supports a wide range of mobile devices and is specifically targeted towards minimal CPU usage.
Renoise does not go any lower than a Netbook and you have to be careful not to use too many internal powerful effects all together before you max out the CPU.

ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz.
Very neat for a mobile device. but I think Renoise can’t be used very well on it.

I really fancy this phone, but I’m not convinced if the battery life is enough for me.
any one received the N900 already?

I have the N900 and I’m pretty pleased with it!
Anyone got it too? somebody managed to get a tracker or some kind of composing tool to work?

I read a few reviews but opinions differ from reviewer to reviewer… some like the new n900 over the old n9x series and some others prefer the n9x series above the n900 (due to the clumsy keyboard layout, lack of physical buttons to at least quickly call or answer and ofcourse the lower life battery (4 hours max))
The Nokia N900 OS is based on Linux, so no doubt you can get Milkytracker working on it in no time…

speaking of Milkytracker, I cannot reach the site since some weeks. Anyone knows what the reason is?

Damn…there goes my hope of running ReNoise on the Pandora, I guess…

Maybe Aldrin or Sunvox will be the way…

I was troubled about the battery, but I assure you, i can have this baby online for two days easy.
even now it’s new and I really play with it a lot.

maybe you have seen the reviews of the pre releases on the Nokia Summit. that firmware was very bad battery wise.
not many people possess the retail version on this moment

But for the ones that want to know the OS2008 version of Milkytracker doesn’t work on n900.

You’re supposed (really endorsed by Nokia themselves!) to hack it to get that stuff working…
Perhaps post the link on the Milkytracker forums, it probably won’t take too long before you will have an N900 worthy edition…

Renoise 2.5 on N900

It’s just a mockup that I made to see if it would be practical.
I made a resize to make a pixel perfect fit on the 800 x 480 resolution.
It’s maybe practical when using the Video out, but that’s no good for traveling.
the screen is simply to small.

Not to make a point just wanted to share it with you all.

Duh, with that kind of keyboard i’ld rather not use any tracker on the N900…
The mockup still looks cool though…

I had a musicmaking tool on my viewty who had no keyboard at all.
although it was a bit limited, it proved that you can make an GUI that works pretty quick and easy.

Found it. it’s called touchtracker:

Cool! I have a viewty as well, didn’t know these kind of apps existed for it, only have a couple of games. Will check it out.

I suggest you go here
This is also where I found this software.
It’s a forum, all about the Viewty, with many enthausiastic people.