Lowering Volume Temporarily For The Rest Of The Tracks

I’m working on this track. There’s a main verse kind of thing and I want it to build up to an ambient part with a solo instrument, and for this part I want everything to slowly quiet down and then after the solo “wake up” again.

So what would be the best way to do this “silencing” of the rest of the tracks for the attention to be fully brought to the solo? I’m doing it right now with automating/lfo’ing the volume on the master track, but I figured I should ask here first about this, in case there’s some kind of complications with doing it this way or if there’s a better way to do this.

you can also put all tracks that need to be “silenced” together on one sendtrack and use automation on that. i guess it’s a besser way than lowering the volume on the master track. or use the gainer device to boost the volume of the “solo track”. actually, there are dozens of ways to do this… :slight_smile:

Yeah. I was just wondering if there would be any problems, but upon thinking again, I don’t know why I didn’t do the whole thing with a send in the first place :)

Thanks for the reply though, I guess I just shouldn’t have woken up as early as I did.

Just a thought… I’m drunk, and can’t think far… ;)

Try start by lowering the solo track volume, then when it enter’s the song lower the global volume while raising the solo track volume?

LOL that was probably a bad idea, you’d have to normalize the track afterwards. hehe

daylight saving issues? ;)

I would say that this would be a bad idea because if you lower the master track’s volume through an envelope or lfo it will also lower the solo tracks volume. I agree with plasmaniac about using send devices on all the tracks that you want to make quiter and then automating the volume on the send track with whatever you want. I probably wouldn’t use a gainer to make the solo track louder because then it might overpower the mix.

use a signal follower on the sound you want ot foreground and the hydra device on the other track volumes?