Lpb And Tick Settings For Idm/glitch


i try to make some Stuff like the Flashbulb, µ-zig and so on. My Problem is to get the right Settings for the LPB and Ticks.
If i use 32 LPB and 12 Ticks at 120 BPM i can make some of this glitchy effects, but with this resolution it is a " waste of
patterns". Which settings do you prefer for this style of music?

Thx in advance

I’m using 24 lpb and I freely switch the ticks between 12 (for smooth bends) and 1 (for changing the pitch using the 01 and 02 commands). 24 lpb works out great because it lets you write up to 32nd-notes in duple or triple.

I use pattern lengths of 192 as a default which is two 4/4 bars; it works out well as far as moving patterns around.


works alot better. Especially the snare rolls sounding more naturally. :w00t:
Thank you.