Lua API: '' Doesn't Work On Textfield

When i attempt to set a textfield active to false, i get an error that it doesn’t work.
I thought this used to work in the past but i might be wrong here.
Though it is not very clear to which controls this feature does or does not apply in the documentation.
Clearly vb:text is understandable it should not apply to that. Everything else that can be modified somehow, it could apply to. Not just controls that are mouse-interactive.

Bump. I’ve just hit this anomaly too.

I just ran into this myself. The code for Example GUI has a valuebox control with this line:

active = false, -- any control can be (de)activated

but this is not true for the textfield control in version 3.0.2

The API dcs also say the you can make any control inactive

-- renoise.Views.Control (inherits from View)

-- Control is the base class for all views which let the user change a value or
-- some "state" from the UI.

----------- Properties

-- Instead of making a control invisible, you can also make it inactive.
-- Deactivated controls will still be shown, and will still show their
-- currently assigned values, but will not allow changes. Most controls will
-- display as "grayed out" to visualize the deactivated state.
 -> [boolean]

However trying to use an “active” property on a textfield control gives an error

*** std::logic_error: 'ViewBuilder: unknown property 'active'.'

Is there an official Renoise bug-tracker where such things can be reported?

Is there an official Renoise bug-tracker where such things can be reported?

I moved this topic into the bugs forum and will create a ticket on our bug-tracker.

renoise.Views.TextField and renoise.Views.MultiLineTextField do not inherit from renoise.Control, so renoise.Control “active” also is not available.
Should be possible to deactivate them though, so I’ve added a new “active” property for them now.