LUA -> Renoise.Tool() problem

When trying to create a MP3 song converting tool, i get with renoise.tool() the following message:

*** [string “renoise.tool()”]:1: attempt to call field ‘tool’ (a nil value)
*** stack traceback:
*** [string “renoise.tool()”]:1: in main chunk

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PS. Running in R3.B3 on Win64/W8

“renoise.tool()” does practically nothing. Try "oprint(renoise.tool()) in the terminal input field, you will then get a list of objects that you can use.

Also all descriptions are here:
If you need a good example, try inspecting the rubberband tool.Or New Tool: Encode Preview (Ogg Version For Windows)

It also might not be accessible in Scripting Terminal? That was always the case in 2.8

It depends when you call it. there are circumstances where certain options are not available yet, but this has mainly to do with the object rather than the tool object?
Some notifiers should always be available!

I always understood it so that the renoise.tool() is only valid inside a tool loaded in renoise. Thus, in the scripting terminal it just isn’t there.