Luminous Rain

I found this song lying around in a dusty corner and decided to put it in here! It was made for the second Easily Embarrassed album but got scrapped because it didn’t fit in the ambience.
This is also one of the last songs I did alot of work in. Some months later I left the group because the style didn’t fit me. It’s hard to put 100% effort in something you don’t completely support.

Easily Embarrassed is the bomb though, they will get huge in matter of years… mark my words :yeah:

Anyway, here is the song!


Also check the site and the first album! :guitar:

This is lovely. Thanks for sharing :)

When the rhythmic pad comes in it all of a sudden becomes a cousin of Robert Miles!

No problem, I got alot more if anyone’s interested :)

Great song and we really dig this within my friend circle. I played this song with dj equipment on a PA system on one home party in the eve of year 2008 and one dude actually came and congratulated me for the song choice and the credit goes to VP really. :) Still on my playlist! Excellent job guys!

The chord progression is the same as Elvis Costello’s “I want you” :)