Lungbutter - Mammies Boy

Tell me what you think,thanks


i probably would have put a subtle pitch shift (down) at the end of each of these four bad boys at 1:27. i also like the breathing sounds at the beginning that play every few seconds.

Thanks for taking the time to give my track a listen i appreciate it,thanks for the comments too!

Toybox great dark ambient its like NIN soundtrack for quacke 1 :)

i don’t know what ‘mammies boy’ means but the track in your sig sounds so much like kafka’s metamorphosis. i can hear the dissatisfaction, ennui and the roaches crawling. a big yuck to your success in this type of music! honestly, when i say some of your music makes me feel a bit sick i mean that as a compliment.

Thank you for the comment i really appreciate it!Yes i would take that as acompliment anyways :) Please bare in mind that this is only one particular aspect to my sound,most of the stuff i have posted so far has been on the creepy side and that is because i am trying to finish a certain project.In time i hope to post some other unusual stuff and show some variance.The track is called mammies boy due to the sample just before the bass wobbles.You will need to turn the track up very high as i purposefully buried the vox in there to give a creepy effect when listening to it turned up loud or over a good system r sumthing like that.

Sounds good to me,cheers!Im just gonna throw this track in here aswell since its another soundscape.
Throw this one in here too…

hey toybOx I was playing the game “Dead Space 2” yesterday, and this kind of track would be perfect for this kind of immersive Survival FPS Horror game. When I play your music and close my eyes and I can see clear visions of hostile and creepy environments. It’s somehow difficult to say if it’s the lair of a serial killer, or of a frightening alien thing/creature.