Lungbutter - The Machine Mother
Hello!New glitch track i just finished making,let me know what you think all comments appreciated cheers!!

it’s like being abducted by aliens and this track is an example of what happens when they are searching a good tv program on their alien tv.

after 2:23, they finally find their favourite show : dismembering earthlings with a chainsaw for an analysis of their internal organs.

Nice review, sums it up pretty well. Just needs some samples of people screaming in the last bit yeah ;)

Glitch ambient soundscape. Would work OK as a set opener I think…

:yeah:Haha thats awesome,good imagination ye have on ye there mate! cheers!

Wow thats cool,i think you get what the track is all about,was thinking about that before i even started it.I think it would work well as opening/closer for a set or an album.It was just fun for me to make,kinda just did what i wanted,only took a day.