Lungbutter - Venlafaxine Dreams

This definitely wont be a lot of peoples cup of tea…This is a very abrasive experimental noise track,very different from the last track that i posted here.As always feedback and comments appreciated.

Really felt that one. Paranoid and unsettling. Nice work :)

Thank you sir.

Sounds like the original Fallout soundtrack with some more action.
Really not my kind of sound, but it does well on setting a mechanized, deserted post-apocalyptic world in my head.
Kinda also reminds me of a grinning face saying “I want/will eat your soul” :)

Cool, i love falllout!especially fallout 3.Yeah its just as much a soundscape as it is a track,thanks for the feedback!

Nice track ToybOx :)

Its like soundtrack of STALKER one of the best in my opionion dark ambient game sountracks

Just listen this track:

or this is short about 2 minutes but great:

heres the link for full STALKER soundtrack its from main game site free to download:

Just bumped on a comparison video of Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 2 and Mark Morgan Fallout 1 OST. Has some EXTREME similarities.

Check it out:

As said in the description Mark Morgan got really pissed when seeing this…um…so could it be?

HaHa ive actually seen this before,He basically took aphexs saw and twisted it a bit in order to use it for the soundtrack,if you scroll down though,there are some people giving explanations for this and also one dude said that your man mark r whatever his name is has always been open about aphex influencing but tbh there just TOO SIMILAR i mean he could of at least made them a bit more different!Having said that though i love fallout soundtracks!We be friends with no child killer!

That sounds more like a Venetian Snares, Doll Doll Doll reference to me…

Finding the video on Youtube and I see it says the samples came from Fallout 2 that Vsnares used :)

Yeah thats what i was refering too.I extracted all the sounds from fallout 2 aswell and i found it in there.Games are a great source of samples to me,i got manhunt,duke nukem,system shock,f.e.a.r.,crysis,diablo,fallout 2 and fallout new vegas,quake,mortal kombat,mk3,extreme-g2,loads of shit!By far though the f.e.a.r. samples are incredibly well produced and are extremely usable… to me anyways

Used to do it back in the day with the Amiga. the Worms samples were always great fun to piss about with. Know there were some others… Don’t really touch much in the way of games these days though.

I used to take samples from the UT mods. Thats exactly where I began with music. Even if I use them now, I try to mash them up with filters. Just don’t want to have that “I got the exact same sound like his” thing.

Maybe Mark should have called the OST - Selected Ambient Works Fallout Remixed edition. :) But nah… the producer wouldn’t have liked that and I’m sure no one thought that this game would boom, so… Maybe he just took this game as a quick buck. At least he doesn’t look like an a-hole like Timbaland.

So as this topic had to touch this: I think using others samples is O.K. if you’re good with it, but not the melodies AND the samples AND the composition. For me: I tend to be original. In every aspect.

Just had to say I LOVE the name Lungbutter

Where in God’s name did u come up with that one??

The images that come to mind when I read that word!!

Always evokes a smile, laugh, contorted face or something…nice one :D

Agreed Lungbutter is an awesome name. Although we call them greenies I more often cough up something bright yellow than green and the name fits it so well. Reminds me a little of Throat Yoghurt, which is a track by Duran Duran Duran.

As to your music. I quite like it. A little more on the scattier side than I’d usually play myself though. Prefer Nigromancer a bit to this one too.

AHHHH Cheers Kaz, was thinking it had something to do with potentially tobacco-induced lungery!!

Maybe its a Irish or British phrase…didn’t grow up here so i guess why i never heard it b4?

Defo not something youd wanna put on your sandwiches!!! :lol:

Yeah its the hardened yellow mucus you cough up from smoking,im a hardcore smoker so i use it quite a lot then one day i said it would make a good name for me(my name at the time was toybox).I dunno where it comes from but we use it here in dublin all the time.Thanks for the kind words kazakore,I must say though i have different styles of making tracks so not all my output is scattered like nigromancer or this,these songs are going towards an album that im calling snare scat and the whole theme of it is that the tracks are ultra cut up and scattered.I also do glitch,jungle,noise,gabber and plunderphonics.I use the name Gikomora for the plunderphonics side of things though.If you have soundcloud be sure to follow me!cheers
Oh and i should say that lungbutter differes from greenies!(we call them gobbers)Lungbutter is pure yellow and solid and it smells like absolute shit.Now your in the know!

Ahh so it’s specifically tobacco (tar/nicotine) induce throat yoghurt? Not just any luminous yellow greenie. Happy to say I managed to only smoke… when I’m in Holland ;) … but had enough bright yellows brought up in my time!

Have to say I’ve never even heard the term plunderphonics. Will have a listen through the Lungbutter Soundcloud after dinner and things. Everything on there?

No im afraid not,only 4 or 5 songs and only nigromancer is a new one,but as i go i will upload to soundcloud so check back here and then.Smoking a few blifferonies will do the job too!