Lwpss - Chain Side


I don’t really like the sound of the strings from 0.30 to 1.50, sounds a little cheap.
Besides that : Gold! Goes straight to my mp3 player.

Agree that string sounds strange, at least needs some reverb, and put on some NNA or take 2 channels and fade when the new string starts…Some chords/octave on it would be nice too…Piano sounds a little like that track called children i think some nice ideas maybe could be worked out some more…i know thats easy to say though… ;) Oh and that piano sound sounds like coming from the centre, simple stereo delay or something can help that i guess. btw like the filtering on the beats.

thank you guys for your advices :) it helped a lot :)
i’ve uploaded fixed version


Yes , sounds you know what you doing !
1 thing , sounds like something is missing when the beat punches in,
like your previous version of the song hit harder at 1.52.
Feels like it, i’m no hitproducer so don’t take it too serious.
I just like the song.
What LPB did you use?

I am not a big fan such music, and even I would say that I am breakcore fan :drummer:

But this track sounds better/nicer for me than the flood of latest breakcore/renoisecore productions on forum :)

Good work!

it probably happened because of louder strings
lpb is 8

thx :)
i listen to breakcore too and i’m big fan of vsnares

Really nice.