It’s my latest Dubstep tune!
I’ll return feedback!
Follow if you like, tell me what I can do better.




hey necro soulid ! I kinda like it. Everythings fine. It’ll be hard to improve. But, if you want to improve even better the track, maybe, you should try to variate the sound of your splashy snaredrum, during the track. Because it’s powerfull but constant. There’s a psychological matter of fact that even the most powerfull thing becomes less powerfull when perceived in regular and similar ways. So in your situation I would keep the splash drum like that, but (1) filter it first, during 2 mn, then (2) distort it (so that it becomes more acid in the end). Try to humanize the way effects are applied on your snaredrum. Concerning now the beat itself, it’s good. However, sometimes, it’s even better introduce subtle breaks, and “beat displacements” in the structure (that you compensate later on). With such little improvements, it’ll be perfect.

deep. has some nice mood.
snare has to much mids for my taste.
a snare with a verb-tail would fit too.
maybe you can use some uplifters to get a bit more tension before the bass drops.

Ah. Thanks.
I added some reverb to the Snare. I guess not enough tho.
I kinda wanted to use a dry snare though. What do you think of the cymbal?

The cymbal’s correct, nothing bothers me with it. But the dry snare should be a cool idea. For example, you use the dry snare for a few beats and you alternate with the splashy one.