M Audio's CTRL49 Faders and Fader Buttons

Long story short it is possible to have full control of your CTRL49 faders and fader buttons, just download the Dulplex tool go to settings in the Dulplex: Device/Configuration turn on Mackie/HUI for the in and out or to your preference and that should cover it, also in the CTRL49 I noticed you can have your MIDI set as “none” which is if I’m not mistakingis like Mackie/HUI or in Mackie’ that should give you full control of your controller. hope this help.


your friend serg"

Yep, the Mackie HUI protocol is finally working in Duplex again.

So thanks for confirming that the CTRL49 is indeed working with the standard configuration!

I’m using the Mackie protocol too, using the iCon controller for mixing.

Surprisingly nice faders for such a cheap controller.

Your welcome ?