M0D - Bells After Sundown

Just the text from the Soundcloud page:


felt obliged to listen to it :)

great track. at first i thought it was a bit long, but i just put it on and went back to what i was doing, and it sounds fantastic. it has the Mike Oldfield-feel, mixed with a bit of chilled house, some chiptunes/game-kinda-melodies and a whole lot of epic fantasy-story-orchestra-stuff (what?).
on top of that, the production is really good, it has plenty of layers and things going on. you must be pretty good being able to build this in just 5 days. respect.

Just like his hair!

Just kidding :P

In all seriousness, this is pretty excellent work, m0d! Very interesting piece of music.

i didn’t want to make the joke myself, so glad you did it :)

You did a real wonderfull job in creating the Mike Oldfield composing style… i frankly hope you add another 25 to 30 days and finish up Tubular Bells IV as a 50 to 70 minute release.

Very nice, nice differend motives in one:)

@all: Thanks guys, means a lot to know folks enjoyed it. I had a giggle at the obvious jokes in the thread too, seems like that’ll be a running joke for a while. I guess today wasn’t a bad hair day after all :)

@vV: Noted, though I wish my inspiration kept flowing long enough, sadly I fear it will be quite some time before my next composition makes an appearance.

Congratz m0d, excellent tune! Heard it on the radio saturday as well ;)

congrats m0d !

btw how many tracks did you use for this tune ? ;)

Thanks so much :) Very pleased folks like it, makes it all the more worthwhile :lol:

To answer your question: 58 :lol:

Though it was a long piece it was very interesting and enjoyable.
Mad skills!

Well that took me away.
I was doing web design on a yacht off the coast of a tropical island. Luckily my girlfriend was steering.

wow everybody is just spot on in this track! just goes to show what is possible with “just” renoise and a bunch of samples haha :D your plottwists are also very unexpected but very nicely done.

Very good! :walkman: