Mac Mac Mac

pleez can we havs it??? :drummer:

“all your Mac’s are belong to us” :ph34r:

Only one thing is sure: when the first release for mac comes out, some time
hopefully not too far into 2004 (*), it will be an alpha or beta. And it will have bugs.

It will then need testing from as many users as possible. Many active testers
then will mean that more bugs are found early, and reduce the time before
the macversion is stable. How long that is, noone can tell before it’s over.

  • Disclaimer: this is only a rough guess, do not quote me on that.
    I reserve the right to interpret my words “not too far” as any time
    between 0 and 12 months. :)

Is there a chance for Linux version some day?

Renoise runs in wine under linux . But it’s quite buggy. Don’t expect VSTi/fx to work and midi. It’s somewhat usable though.

Renoise Devs may slap me now but… erm…

wasn´t there really a linux portation planned in the future???
If my brain doen´t mess up something in this late time then wasn´t the tux version planned right after the mac release??? :blink:

This would be nice to see because I REALLY only belong still to Win**** because of this nice piece of soft :)
I believe you would save some lifes I you promise us a version for SUSE & Co. B)

That’s why I would like to have a real conversion of Renoise for Linux. Is it possible?

I believe what we have said is more like a linux version will not come before the mac version is up and running… So it’s not “planned”, as far as I know, as in on a set schedule. No promises yet. But yes, it would be nice indeed. From what I hear the latest kernel (2.6) has native ALSA driver support, probably making it easier to create audio apps on linux.

But please don’t hold your breath for this, that might hurt… :P