Mac Or Pc

Yeah man, Thinkpads are built like tanks. The old ones are ugly as sin but they are ROCK solid. My ex-girlfriend spilt a can of stella on hers and nothing happened.

I would love to get one.

You can defo get Renoise to work on one Adrian.

Loads of info here…

I have owned a X-model (12 inch) and two T-models (14 inch). Both very thin and nice, easy to replace HD, keyboard lights, two well designed mouses (stick and touch). In other words, the design is actually useful, not annoying like with Dell, Fujitsu, Compaq and other I have used.

Bare in mind that a smaller sized laptop is usally less stable than a bigger one, maybe due to smaller components being harder to fit in solid architecture.

This is a bit off-topic but very funny (maybe not so funny), but I saw a conspiration movie by Alex Jones the other day where they showed documented evidence of IBM being active part of holocaust and was working with nazi-conspirators in the 40?s. I hope it is not true, because I am currently looking at three Macs and one IBM (yeah IBM own Apple now). I guess everything is corrupt these days, at least they deliver good computers… :D :( :D :( :) :( :) :( :angry: :(

That C64 looks amazing.

Just a thought, Since I will be running just Renoise (no vsts. I rape the Native Instruments website for samples) whats the minimum requirments I need in a laptop?