Mac OS X - "PC behaviour" upon closing?

When I click on the red closing button in Renoise the whole program quits completely, instead of just closing the window/current song and keeping the top menu intact (at least that’s how every other Mac program works).

The current behaviour reminds me of how the programs closed when I used PC.

The short-command for the close current window-action on Mac is cmd + w , but neither doesn’t work as it seems(at least not on my computer if there’s some thing else wrong here).

Not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that you can’t open another instance simultaneously ( cmd + n is the command to open a new instance on other programs on Mac), but one might expect the closing-behaviour nonetheless(?).

Not sure if this is a bug and it doesn’t bug me that much, but I can imagine it would confuse pure Mac-users.

Renoise has some odd behavior on Ubuntu as well; if you want to toggle over to another program, Renoise will minimize it self. I believe it simply grabs “alt+tab” and turns it into “minimize.”

When it has the focus, it grabs all of the keyboard commands, even global commands assigned for the desktop/window manager. It’s a bit annoying but one gets used to it and works around it. I believe that this is due to whatever GUI toolkit is used to build Renoise.

A work around to open multiple instances of Renoise on OSX (from a command shell)

open -n /Applications/