Mac Problems

I’m not really a beginner, but this is a beginners question so I found it fitting to be posted here. I recently switched from PC to Mac. Being fairly new with Mac and allI can’t really say I have any clue how VSTs/AUs are suppose to work. Well so I downloadsed a free AU and tried to load it. It was XXX.component so Im not sure if it’s something wrong there. And when I scan the folder with Renoise it doesn’t find anything.

God it’s like being a newbie all over again.

put the component file in your plug ins folder

Library > Audio >plug-ins> component

renoise will find it then

Can’t find it. Suppose I am a newbie then. >_<

In the finder, click on the “MacOS” drive then “Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components”

Alternatively you can also install them in:
Your Home Folder -> “Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components”

Went into the content for Renoise_Reg, then I checked the folder thats called MacOS, only thing I found there was another file called Renoise, Kind: Unix Executable File.

Might be that I haven’t slept tonight, or I might just be really slow. But I don’t get it…

HAHAHAHAHA Oh my god Im slow. I found it now xD

On your mac, there are two directories:


This is on your hard drive, not in the package. Replace dac514 with your name in the above path, in the appropriate sub-directories is where where you put your VST and AudioUnits.

And I’m slower… :)

Don’t worry, it took me 2 weeks to find the right directory ;)

i saw the title and was like :o