Mac Questions

i’ve just been given an old mac by my brother, who in turn got it a few years ago from a friend who in turn got it from her old job.

as he isn’t the most computer literate person in the world he had never tried to install anything on the computer and as such never realized that he would need a root/admin password to do anything like that - Now i’ve got it and there is no password to be found. anyone know of a way to reset it (i dont have the install disc either) or is this gonna have to be nothing more than a shitty word processor?

the version is 10.3.5 G4 - does anyone know if macs are free to update like linux?

from what i’ve read on the net it looks like i’ll need an install disc to reset the password but can i use a later disc than 10.3.5?

thanks in advance!

If you have 10.3.x, you are elligable to upgrade to the highest number after the 3. 10.4 is concidered a “major upgrade”, and has a new name. These have to be bought. So if you have 10.4.4, you are elligable to upgrade for free to 10.4.11 (the last upgrade for panther). But 10.5 (Leopard) is a “major upgrade” and has to be bought.

You can upgrade by clicking on the mac icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and choosing “upgrade software”.

edit answer on the lost password found in less than 2 minutes on Google :)


yeah - i’d found that page as well - need the install disc still tho. dammit. thanks for the info on updates - do you know what kind of cat 10.3 is?

could you sudo? :)

not without the password? - dunno about mac - sudo in linux needs password.

The answer is here:

10.3 is Panther.…001217230925152

thanks connerbw - that article sorted it - although it didn’t work for panther i was able to combine it with another article and work around it - now to get renoise running and i’ll be able to do a side by side comparison of mac, xp, vista and ubuntu studio

or maybe not but thats whats running at the moment - 2 work pcs a music linux box and this mac - i need to get outside!

Mac OS X 10.3.9+ is the minimum requirement for Renoise. You can get a free update from Mac OS X 10.3.X to 10.3.9 here:…update1039.html