Mac Renoise & Mbox

I’m currently trying to run Renoise using my Mbox as the external sound card, but I have’t been able to get Renoise to recognize my Mbox no matter what. The only choice I have is to use the internal soundcard on my Ibook.

Anyone been able to use a Mbox with Renoise?

Any help would be appreciated.


Just a few ‘stupid’ questions, can you get any other apps than ProTools to produce output thru the mBox?(Try iTunes for example).

Have you installed the Core Audio drivers??
They’re needed for all other apps than DigiDesigns apps.

Good luck.

Ah, I had not installed the core audio drivers as I figured those would be installed from the Mbox install cd. Thanks.

Anyone else using an Mbox? I seem to be using more cpu cycles while using the MBox.

While using demo song 3 to test I played it using my internal soundcard and picked up a max cup % of 57%, while using the Mbox it shot up by 4% to 61%.

Anyone else get this or is it just me, I was kinda hoping the Mbox would free up some cycles not use more.

I get the same with my Edirol FA101. I think it’s to do with the fact that it’s streaming audio to an external device, and I’m guessing you’ve also changed your latency setting to something lower which might have contributed something.

On this subject, has anyone ever monitored Renoise though the Activity Monitor? When using my Edirol, the kernal_task process spikes at regular intervals. It’s not just with Renoise, but it’s specific to the use of my external audio device. Does anyone else get this?